Monday, March 29, 2010

Im at school right now. :)

Im a TA in second period for a freshman english class and i dont have anything to do today so imma just write a lil bit on here. haha Okay so cort comes in 8DAYS!!!! Im so excited!! we are going to have so much fun it just blows my mind! But I cant wait for spring break this week is the last week before break.THANK GOODNESS. But MY birthday was great!! I went out to dinner with my parents and did a lil shopping! Then on friday i went out to eat with friends and then had cake with them too!! IT was pretty cool. I decided since i missed corts birthday and she missed mine we will both have a birthday party for each other so we can both be there!!! haha But life is good. school is getting so old though. WHY CANT IT JUST BE SUMMER!? Jeez... There is this super sassy kid in my seminary class and i seriously just want to slap him or something. gosh i loved my little seminary class back in ohio... i hate BIG SEMINARY CLASSES!!! jdfhglaeiahj anyways, there isnt that much to talk about. But by the way i love reading everyone elses blogs! I love looking at pictures! :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay i know its been forever but i have so much to tell you guys!! :)
1) I'M IN A WEDDING THIS SUMMER!! I'm a bridesmaid for my cousin! I'm so pumped!
3) I'M STARTING A BUSINESS!!! and i need help!! :)

Okay so I'm starting a business with hair accessories and headbands and stuff ill get pictures soon but just keep that in mind and ill make a blog spot and a website and facebook page but this is just so fresh it might take me a couple days and stuff!! But dude everything is just going my way. life is great! :) well everyone who wants some cute hair accessories!? :) help a sister out!! :) spread the word for me. im gonna get started on my website!! :)
**any ideas for the name of my business?
i love you all.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


IM AT SCHOOL AND I CAN GET ON BLOGGERRRRRR!!! IM SO HAPPY!! haha this is kind of exciting. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

About my pictures...

1. Family.
2. My Best Friend Cort.
3. Same as 4. (just different)
4. Same as 3. (just different)
5. Best Friend Brent.
6. Quote about being happy.
7. Purple Hair.
8. Sideways.
9. Just being happy.
10. New head-band. :) haha

some of them kind of look alike.

same old, same old.

Nothing is new... just school and seminary. This weekend I shadowed a sister in our ward that does photography and she told me so much about it! I think its something I want to do. Its so neat and creative. But cameras cost more than my life. So I have no idea how I'm going to get my hands on a nice camera. I guess this means I have to save my pennies. No school tomorrow!! So I'm going to Seattle with my parents and spending the day down there. It should be a lot of fun. Here are some pictures I have done for friends and for myself. Tell me what you think.

Friday, January 8, 2010

heyyy soul sister!!

So this week has been great! I feel happier than ever! I think its this thing in young women's that I'm doing... its this Savior booklet I have been doing. Man it seems when I'm reading and doing things for church like seminary it really does make you happier. It seems when I miss days for reading the day is crappy and stupid. But school is stupid. And next semester is going to be way harder. I just wish i could fly through classes like some kids. I just wish I knew what I was doing, I'm just so clueless haha. But this week has been good I'm glad its the weekend! I don't have to many plans but I want to do something fun this weekend! I got yoga pants. They are theeee most comfortable things I have ever put on! They are kinda tight for my liking but I love them! I also heard this song its called Hey, Soul Sister and its always stuck in my head! But I love it so I don't care. :) I'll put the link up.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I like this year. :)

Its only been 5 days into the year and all 5 days have been great! I hung out with friends and went shopping. I started back up in seminary and school. I like seminary but I think I could live without school haha. I just have so much school to look forward too...haha greatttt. I have no idea what I want to do, teacher, counselor, fashion, therapist. Gosh I rather just sit at home and watch TV. Anyways haha I feel happier and I have a lot of plans for this year! :) So much is going to happen I can't wait to get started. I have a lot of plans with my new friends here in Washington, they have to show me all the things I haven't done yet in Washington! I miss Ohio and all my friends. Its funny how you think you are going to talk to all your friends everyday, but that's how you find out who your real friends are and how much they care about you. But I'm glad I can still stay in touch with my really good friends in Ohio. Well I hope everyone else is having a fun new year as well! Can't wait to tell you about whats going on.